7 Latest Trends In Corporate Training in 2022

7 Latest Trends In Corporate Training in 2022 - Daily Education Facts

Over the previous two years, the globe has altered dramatically. We have seen tremendous changes in how we live and work since 2019. While we may all wish for a slower, less turbulent 2022, I believe we will continue to see significant development and changes in several aspects of our daily lives. In this article, we take a look at the latest trends in corporate training in 2022.

One of the most major shifts I see in the next year is a trend toward more understanding, empathic, and compassionate workplace leadership. The epidemic caused executives to reconsider how they see their employees, how they comprehend the requirements of their team members, and how the organization should assist its personnel.

Here are 7 latest trends in corporate training in 2022;

1. Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Training Will Continue to Be Prioritized

Over 80% of employees want to work for a company that supports diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We expect businesses to promote independent DEI courses while also incorporating DEI features into other training topics. Organizations, for example, may incorporate a scenario in a leadership training session in which a team member makes a prejudiced statement about another employee’s work.

7 Latest Trends In Corporate Training in 2022 - Daily Education Facts

This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022. The learner must then decide how to handle the circumstance effectively. This practice develops successful leaders capable of leading their teams with an inclusive perspective.

2. More Mixed Reality-Enhanced Virtual Reality Is on The Horizon

Mixed reality (MR)-enhanced virtual reality (VR) experiences have become an increasingly popular trends in corporate training. Learners may co-exist and engage with actual and digital items in real-time using MR instruction that incorporates both AR and VR. This gives up a world of possibilities inside the virtual settings of learners. While this technology is still in its early stages, we anticipate that passthrough cameras on MR devices have increased in quality and refresh rates, drawing the learner’s virtual world around them more realistically. These cameras and sensors are generally used for tracking headsets and controllers, as well as mapping the surroundings of a learner. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022.

3. Microlearning That Is Truly Micro

Microlearning was the strategy that performed best in their business, according to 25% of L&D professionals. Bite-sized training content is especially popular among busy professionals who need to fit learning into their schedules. In fact, the average learning session now lasts only eight minutes! But it’s not simply about shortening the duration of the instructional material. “We’ll witness a rise in digital learning fatigue in 2022,” predicts David Perring, Director of Research at Fosway Group. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022.

“If companies are to resist this, more value-centered, human-centered learning is required.” With employee fatigue on the rise, there is a greater demand than ever for quicker, sharper, and more relevant learning experiences. Microlearning must respect employees’ time by providing people-centered learning that is truly beneficial to them.

4. Flexible Blended Learning

The new work landscape is evolving, and hybrid modes of working are emerging. “We’re going to see a swing back to in-person events,” says Nick Shackleton-Jones, CEO of Shackleton Consulting, “but the amount of learning delivered digitally will stay significantly greater than pre-pandemic levels.” 30 percent of firms are returning to face-to-face training while providing learners with a variety of options.

Blended learning design is being updated to meet the diverse needs of the modern learning landscape. This innovative approach to mixed learning provides people with options and freedom while also maximizing effect. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training.

5. AI Personalized Learning Experiences

Most businesses have an abundance of learning content. The problem is locating the appropriate material at the appropriate moment. 15% of L&D teams are investigating ways to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to personalize learning. AI technologies use data to provide adaptive learning routes. This may then be integrated into workers’ work as needed. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022.

“Responsive marketing and nudge learning have been around for years in many ways,” Lori Niles Hofmann, Learning Strategist at NilesNolan, adds. “However, we haven’t fully realized its potential.” This movement is really about data. Even without all of the technology, you may collect data to determine what works and develop individualized learning experiences.

6. Video Powered Social Learning

Video is frequently mentioned as a focus for L&D teams. And this year is no exception. 41 percent of learning leaders want to promote video learning. Although this is not a new medium, it is not always effective. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022. So, how can you use video to your advantage? When confronted with new isolated office configurations, video has proven vital to people’s continuous cooperation and connection building. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022. Encouraged by peer learning, L&D professionals are focused on “social media-inspired,” “short and emotive films” covering everything from “case studies” to interviews with “SMEs and thought leaders.”

7. Data-Driven Training

No business effort can survive without statistics to back it up—you simply will not obtain the cash you are looking for until you have data to show why it is vital. As firms boost their investment in Learning and Development, the value of data-driven technologies will rise in 2022. This does not imply high-level, general-purpose data. Highly comprehensive, specific, and insightful data points will be more valuable. Companies will want frequent data on compliance, course completion, and insights into the sorts of material that their workers, partners, and customers alike. This is one of the popular trends in corporate training in 2022.

7 Latest Trends In Corporate Training in 2022 - Daily Education Facts

Companies will spend more money on Learning and Development, and they will devote more effort to L&D programs. As a result, they will devote more effort to measuring the performance of their programs. Tracking the success of each team member will be critical for Learning and Development managers. Invest in a learning management system (LMS) platform that delivers practical insights regarding learning advancement.

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