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Education needs no definition. Education is the gateway to the professional life of every person. Education has become the basic need of human beings. The evolution of the modern education system from the traditional one has amused everyone. Technology has played a very crucial factor while transforming the education industry. During the pandemic, technology took education to every home and every student.

As education systems get updated on daily basis, we thought to come up with a thorough knowledge-sharing platform. Daily Edu Facts is an end-to-end information broadcasting site for education enthusiasts and aspirants. Education is a vast subject with a variety of topics and dimensions. Practically, education is a never-ending process. Right from kindergarten schools to multiple higher education degrees, Education Industry has a huge potential to grow. Daily Edu Facts will be that platform to address the Education Story.

Daily Edu Facts covers different updates, news, and information in the education industry through different categories like Technology, Higher Education, Learning and Motivation, etc.

Technology has become a real game-changer in the education industry. The technological changes in education started back in the last decade of the 20th century. Education Technology (EdTech) made 360° changes in every aspect of the education system such as teaching, learning, broadcasting, etc. Different types of software, learning management systems, and school management systems have contributed to the structure new model of education.

K12 solutions have made revolutionary changes in KG to the Higher Education process. eLearning/ Online Learning became an integral part of the system when the traditional education system collapsed due to a deadly pandemic. Education Organizations/ Institutes from every corner of the world have adopted the online learning module and it has been proven extremely productive and useful for them.

Institutes, Colleges, and Universities are the strongest pillars of the education system. Daily Edu Facts tries to be the ultimate journal for information about educational institutes. This category helps students, parents, and edu-aspirants to choose the best option for them. We try to cover different reviews, articles, and rankings about different colleges, institutes, and universities across the regions. Students and faculties from different educational institutions can post their feedback, and reviews about their alma mater.

Online Courses have become popular among working professionals. The entire space is dedicated to the different trends and updates about online courses and professional degrees. Multiple platforms and websites provide Professional Courses via eLearning and distance education systems. We try to cover a complete aspect of the same.

Education is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use to Change the World.

- Nelson Mandela

Even if traditional aspects of an education system are changing, the basic principles of Learning and Teaching remain the same. Daily Edu Facts sheds light on the entire process of learning and teaching through different articles, blogs, and experts’ view-posts.

And last but not the least important factor is Motivation. Achieving different milestones of education is just impossible without staying motivated. Students and aspirants must stay enthusiastic as well as motivated to get proper results that pay off their hard work. This section includes different success and motivation stories along with motivational quotes.

Press Releases, News, and Blogs are also included in this platform to stay updated with the current industry scenario.

It is rightly said that the purpose of education is to improve the lives of others and leave your community and world a better place than you found it. While pursuing the education saga, may Daily Edu Facts show the light of information to every student and aspirant.

So, Let’s start this journey!