How Animation And Gamification Can Evolve The Edtech Industry

How Animation And Gamification Can Evolve The Edtech Industry: Best 4 Factors - Daily Education Facts

The use of immersive technologies in gamification, such as AR, VR, and MR, is predicted to become the norm in edtech. Gamification has been a buzzword for years, but now gamification can evolve the EdTech industry educators and EdTech businesses are taking a fresh look at the technique. As more students have adopted hybrid learning, instructors’ digital toolkits have evolved to make learning more engaging, such as through gamification.

Indeed, industry analysts project that the education gamification market will increase at a compound annual rate of 29 percent from 2021 to 2027 (beginning at a little under $700 million in 2020). In comparison, the global EdTech industry is predicted to grow at a 19.9 percent CAGR over the same time period (to almost $320 billion by 2027).


The paradigm of EdTech has fundamentally changed in recent years. Students and enthusiasts of all ages have reaped the benefits of interactive learning based on animations and apps. However, another intriguing movement that has had a significant beneficial impact on the EdTech business is the advent of gamification. Since gamification became a buzzword in the business, a BlueWave Consulting study discovered that the worldwide education gamification market was worth USD 697.26 million in 2020 and is expected to reach USD 4144.97 million by 2027. However, EdTech start-ups and established companies alike are searching for a fresh perspective on how gamification might reshape the future of learning.

As a result of the epidemic, all educational institutions were compelled to promote hybrid learning environments, which worked as a catalyst for the notion of gamification. The desire to improve engagements prompted educators to consider gamified learning as an advanced method of eLearning. The entire concept of gamification can evolve the EdTech industry to provide a video game-like style or interface to stimulate participatory learning.

Here are the ways Gamification can evolve the EdTech Industry;

1. Gamification Can Evolve the EdTech Industry

Games, in whatever form, improve user motivation by engaging them. Gamification has never been more significant than in the educational sector.

How Animation And Gamification Can Evolve The Edtech Industry: Best 4 Factors - Daily Education Facts

Gamification in Ed-Tech refers to the introduction of game-like features into students’ learning environments in order to inspire and engage them. This is accomplished by taking the qualities that make games enjoyable and driving players to keep playing and applying them to a learning setting.

2. Innovation

Gamification is projected to experience greater development. “Tech products that allow youngsters to have fun while learning will have the most success and resonance. To achieve these two goals, I believe the industry will increasingly leverage artificial intelligence (AI), micro-credentials, big data, virtual and empowered reality, blended learning, cloud e-learning, mobile learning, Internet of things (IoT), and online video to gamify learning “said Sheth of Lido Learning.

How Animation And Gamification Can Evolve The Edtech Industry: Best 4 Factors - Daily Education Facts

Schools are also required to begin incorporating game-based teaching and learning approaches into their normal curriculum in order to inspire pupils. “The K12 section of the school system will gain immensely from this since they are the foundational generations who will use technology in the most integrated way to learn and grow, paving the way for pleasant learning for their successors,” stated Satish of Prodigy Education.

Furthermore, gamification can evolve the Edtech industry that allows for practical applications have high growth potential and are in high demand nowadays. “This is due to the fact that it not only helps youngsters polish their creative skills, but it also allows their knowledge to discover real-world applications and advantages of the subject matter.”  “Students may see firsthand how their decisions in the game result in repercussions or rewards,” stated Cuemath’s Khurma.

3. Collaboration/Social Connection

Gamifying aspects can serve to strengthen student bonds and create a friendly rivalry.

How Animation And Gamification Can Evolve The Edtech Industry: Best 4 Factors - Daily Education Facts

Students need a method to socially connect in today’s online learning and distance education environment, and gamification provides a conduit through which they may try to support each other and engage in friendly competition.

4. High User Attraction

Users, particularly younger users, will be more enticed to try a new EdTech program that incorporates gamification techniques, such as Leverage, than one that does not. And a solid and welcoming user experience and design will ensure that people return to the app.

Final Thoughts

Design considerations influence the eventual use of any new technology. Edtech is no exception. With no return to physical school in sight for many of the world’s pupils, the demand for successful edtech applications will only rise. Some seemingly little elements can have a significant influence on engagement and, ultimately, learning results.

The entire gamification can evolve the Edtech industry notion works by boosting the interactivity of learning tools. Gamification not only facilitates student learning but also makes the learning process more pleasurable. It allows students to be more proactive and comfortable during the learning cycle, while also allowing them to study without fear of errors or mistakes, especially when students are given the opportunity to build their abilities through exposure to simple learning strategies. Gamification will almost certainly increase income and growth in the EdTech business.

Furthermore, the enhanced learning medium may make it simpler for teachers to reach a larger number of pupils. Gamification can evolve the Edtech industry concepts that will complement one another in the near future, enabling further industrial expansion. Bringing these two notions together, however, necessitates a complex and careful approach to quality assurance. To provide students with a streamlined and dynamic learning environment, educational institutions must assure the regular sharing of information, which necessitates the successful engagement of EdTech testing solutions.

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