Top 10 Universities In The UK: 2022

Top 10 Universities In The UK: 2022 - Daily Education Facts

The universities in the UK have inspired countless works of film and literature. The UK is also incredibly diverse it’s said that across the UK, there’s a different accent every 30 miles you travel. 

The top 10 universities in the UK, according to the QS World University Rankings 2022are:

List of Top 10 Universities In The UK :

1. University of Oxford

The Institution of Oxford is the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Its foundation date is truly a mystery, although it is believed that instruction began there as early as the eleventh century.

It is situated in and around Oxford’s ancient city center, which the 19th-century poet Matthew Arnold named “the dreaming city of spires,” and it has 44 colleges and halls in addition to the biggest library system in the UK. The University of Oxford is among the best universities in the UK.

2. University of Cambridge

A college public research university serving more than 18,000 students from all over the world, the University of Cambridge is situated in the heart of the historic city of Cambridge, 50 miles north of London.

The university is made up of multiple listed structures and is separated into 31 independent colleges, many of which are located along the renowned river Cam. Instead of applying to the university as a whole, students apply to specific colleges. You may reside on campus and often get instruction there in the form of college supervisions, which are small-group teaching sessions.

Over the course of the university’s colleges, six academic schools—Arts and Humanities, Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, Humanities and Social Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Technology—are dispersed, each holding around 150 faculties and other organizations. The University of Cambridge is among the best universities in the UK.

3. Imperial College London

The headquarters of Imperial is located in South Kensington, London, in a district known as “Albertopolis,” which was envisioned by Prince Albert and Sir Henry Cole in the 19th century as a place where science and the arts would coexist. Imperial is thus surrounded by a number of internationally renowned cultural institutions, including the Science, Natural History, and Victoria and Albert museums, the Royal Colleges of Art and Music, and the Royal Albert Hall, from which all of its graduates also get their degrees.

Joining a community of top scholars is one of the most distinguishing features of an Imperial education. The most notable aspect of Imperial’s research is its cutting-edge and transnational impact. Their research is so successful because of their emphasis on the practical application of their findings, especially in tackling global concerns, and their intense multidisciplinary teamwork. Imperial College London is among the best universities in the UK.

4. University College London (UCL)

With the freedom to confront, inquire, and think differently, UCL is a varied community. Our group strives for academic achievement, pushes boundaries, and has a constructive influence on issues facing the real world. We encourage our community to collaborate beyond conventional academic boundaries by offering over 675 postgraduate taught, research, and beginning teacher education programs across a broad variety of fields.

Top 10 Universities In The UK: 2022 - Daily Education Facts

Since UCL uses a research-based teaching approach, many of our degrees include research components, giving students the chance to contribute significantly to their area of study. UCL is among the best universities in the UK.

5. University of Edinburgh

Students and employees from all over the world are drawn to Edinburgh by its entrepreneurial and cross-disciplinary culture, which produces a distinctive experience. gives access to top-notch facilities and vibrant work, learning, and teaching environment. The University of Edinburgh continues to draw some of the brightest minds in the world as it is home to more than 45,000 students from 156 different nations. provides a variety of study options, including part-time online study as well as on-campus taught programs.

The Russell Group of UK research-intensive institutions is the biggest supplier of online distance learning, with more than 70 online programs available. Online learning programs are becoming a more common option for individuals trying to combine their studies with work or family responsibilities because of their flexibility and supportive environment. The University of Edinburgh is among the best universities in the UK.

6. The University of Manchester

In particular, the University of Manchester is at the forefront of cutting-edge research in developing brand-new cures for fatal illnesses. University of Manchester graduates are sought after by employers because of their high employability. It has a 94 percent employability rate and is ranked 35th in the 2017 QS Graduate Employability Rankings.

Top 10 Universities In The UK: 2022 - Daily Education Facts

The University of Manchester has the greatest proportion of foreign students in the UK, making up nearly 25% of the total student body; there are up to 180 different countries represented on campus. The University of Manchester is among the best universities in the UK.

7. King’s College London

In the humanities, law, sciences (including a broad variety of health subjects including psychology, medicine, nursing, and dentistry), and social sciences including international affairs, King’s has a particularly illustrious reputation. The discovery of the DNA structure and the research that resulted in the creation of radio, television, mobile phones, and radar are just a few examples of the significant contributions it has made to the advancements that have defined contemporary life. King’s College London is among the best universities in the UK.

8. The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

You may study social sciences at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), a renowned academic institution, and make use of the cultural, social, and recreational resources of one of the largest capital cities in the world. The school provides approximately 140 teaching and research postgraduate programs in addition to 40 undergraduate programs. The academic profile of LSE includes a broad variety of social scientific fields, including business, law, and social policy. LSE is among the best universities in the UK.

9. The University of  Warwick

The academic and research standards of the University of Warwick are from the finest universities in the UK. Since the first 450 students came in 1965, the school has been forward-looking, having been created out of audacity, creativity, and teamwork. The University of  Warwick is among the best universities in the UK.

Today, more than 26,000 students flourish across four faculties in an environment that is kind, interesting, and supportive, with easy access to everything needed for living, studying, and having fun. More than 26,500 students from more than 150 countries are welcomed on the Coventry campus.

10. University of Bristol

The University of Bristol, established in 1876, provides a top-notch instructional environment. Our independence and forward-thinking mentality blend with our academic achievement. The center of Bristol, a stunning and energetic city in the southwest of England, is where the university campus is located.

Top 10 Universities In The UK: 2022 - Daily Education Facts

More than 600 English-taught undergraduate and graduate degrees are available from Bristol. Students get education in cutting-edge settings from professors who are experts in their professions. The University of Bristol is among the best universities in the UK.

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